We have arranged a wedding party that we hope you will absoloutely love - Saturday 11th may 2024

We would be delighted to celebrate our marriage with you all and really hope you can make it.

Here is the plan regarding our Irish Wedding Celebration in Danny and I style!

Date:                       Saturday 11th May 2024

Venue:                    Molly Js Courtyard in Benners Hotel, centre of Tralee town, Co. Kerry!

Time:                      Kick off with a Special Nuptial Marriage Blessing and Vows by Fr. Sean Jones at 5pm followed by a meal of                            speciality Woodfire Pizza and a delicious Cocktail of your choice (Our Fav!)
                                (Please let Danny or I know by RSVP text if you have any food allergies /unable to eat pizza and we can                                         provide an alternative option)

Entertainment:     We will have a big Caraoke night because we love a sing song,  followed by the wonderful DJ Deckie plying                                  our favourite tunes into the early hours!

Accommodation: Here are some options without a few mins walking distance are:

Benners Hotel (The venue)

The Ashe Hotel

The Brandon Hotel


Dress code:         Wear whatever the hell you want! The bride will be wearing white converse under her wedding dress! We                                       want to take the expense out of this for you all! Dress in something comfy that you love xxx