Celebrating our love in our very own way

Nothing would give us more joy, than to celebrate our marriage vows in front of our family and close friends.
This is a very special time for us both and its important to us that we have those we love around us.


As many of you know, my lovely grandmother, Nana O'Donoghue had Italian roots. When thinking about what we really wanted, Danny and I have opted for a small and intimate religious ceremony in the beautiful Italian city of Venice, accompanied by our Bridal Party, Parents and our lovely friend and celebrant, Fr. Sean Jones.
We will spend three nights in Venice from DATE TBC (Last week of April 2024 likely)  returning home on DATE


Following our religious ceremony in Venice, we will return home to our beautiful home of Tralee in Co. Kerry and celebrate our marriage with our wider family and friends in Molly J's Courtyard, Benners Hotel, Tralee on Saturday May 11th 2024.
Please see more information on the links below, based on whether you are part of the bridal party or a part of our wider and much loved circle of family and friends!
We love you all and this way, we get to celebrate our special day with those we hold dear in a way that we can afford! 

Our Love Story

Danny and I met on a wonderful Saturday morning 13th December 2017 in CastleIsland on a talk on wellness and recovery.  Danny had me at Hello and I knew that there was something very special about him. Danny and I became fast friends, and one of the most special things Danny every gave me was an alphabetical list A-Z of what he believed to be my best qualities. I knew I had met someone I could spend my life with and we laugh together, love together and love together each and every day, through the good times, the tough times and we face our challenges as a team.


We are proud to have four beautiful fur-babies, Donal, Lola, Bruno and Elvis. As most of you know we are currently living in a mobile home on the site which will eventually become our forver home (Cherry Blossom Cottage) in Lyreacrompane, North Kerry!  Our goal is to get our home built, so opting for a more affordable wedding alternative is a must for us. We look forward to sharing the celebrations with you and thank you for being there for us both always. 


Lots of Love


Danny and Caroline